Since 1983, the Mayo Smith Society has been the leading Detroit Tigers fan club. The

Society publishes the TIGERS STRIPES newsletter nine times a year to provide, in plain English, statistical analyses of the Tigers’ on-field performance unavailable e

lsewhere. We also publish E-Mayo Flash updates between newsletter issues — especially when the Tigers are in the postseason — available only to members who get their newsletters via email.

The Society sponsors the King Tiger Award to acknowledge a player’s on-field excellence and community involvement and contributes to Michigan-based charities.

We hold monthly dinner meetings in Washington, D.C., as well as an annual spring training trip to Lakeland and an Annual Gathering in Detroit.

There are Tigers fans. And then there is the Mayo Smith Society.

The Mayo Smith Society was founded by Tigers fans for Tigers fans.
But not for Tigers fans who follow the team only when it’s winning. The Mayo Smith Society is for Tigers fans who always care.

If you want to follow the Tigers more closely, improve your knowledge of the game, and have fun sharing your passion with other Tigers fans who care, the Mayo Smith Society is for you.